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Make the most out of the connections you have in your life and become a Relationship Ninja.
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Created by a Cambridge behavioural scientist, the pack contains 39 cards covering 5 themes

We all have our own ways...

...Reflect and get a deeper understanding of your experiences

Everything we do is driven by our needs. One such need is Orientation/Control. People will do anything in their power to feel they are in control, regardless of price. Understanding this, we can reflect on why we do things like avoiding situations where we feel manipulated. Can you think of situations where feeling in control is the most important thing for you?

...Teach your children about emotions and how to decode them

There are no negative emotions, because all of them tell us something important about what we experience. Anger tells us that we’re facing a barrier, an unfair blocker, and that we should destroy it. Acting on it instinctually can be detrimental to our relationships, therefore we can  learn about more productive ways to respond to Anger.

...Come up with ideas how to surprise your loved ones

We all have our own ways of understanding that we are loved and esteemed by others. Some feel loved when they receive gifts, for others a compliment is all that is needed to brighten their day. The cards will help you figure out inspired gifts for the one you love.

...Understand why you can never get along with somebody

Maybe it’s a boss that always commands us, maybe it’s a customer always complaining, and every time you face them you feel overwhelmed by the conversation. Transactional Analysis will help you understand how you can turn the tables and regain control over the interaction. Power to you!

...Solve the mistery of your most popular friend that just can’t form lasting relationships

We all know at least one social butterfly. Popular, funny, the center of attention. But they just can’t seem to be able to settle down. Maybe you even had a relationship with somebody like that. They can make you feel extraordinary, but it feels that you know nothing about them. Attachment cards will help you figure out this mystery.

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